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EuGMS survey: Geriatricians' deprescribing attitudes, practices and approaches across Europe

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Over recent decades, the number of medications prescribed to older adults has increased considerably due to increased prevalence of multimorbidities. While the benefits of these medications are evident, they have also contributed to inappropriate polypharmacy. Abundant evidence indicates that inappropriate polypharmacy leads to negative medical, economic and social consequences, such as adverse drug events and drug-related hospitalizations.


In this context, review of medications and deprescribing has emerged as an effective strategy. Deprescribing has been shown to reduce inappropriate polypharmacy and medication-related adverse events. However, the actual practice of deprescribing is not well-established yet. Health professionals still find it difficult to deprescribe for older multimorbid patients, as it is highly complex. In addition, agreed guidelines for deprescribing are limited across Europe.


We developed this online questionnaire in an effort to capture the needs of geriatricians across Europe and identify key areas of improvement for safe deprescribing. It includes questions on your current deprescribing practices, approaches and attitudes, deprescribing knowledge and needs/wishes for future deprescribing activities.


This survey will take approximately 20 minutes of your time and is approved by the Medical Ethical committee of the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. Your personal information and data will be processed anonymously and will not be distributed to third parties. Participation is voluntary.


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Eveline van Poelgeest, MD PhD, internist-geriatrician and clinical pharmacologist

Lotta Seppala, MSc

Nathalie van der Velde, MD, PhD professor in geriatrics